Saturday, May 4, 2019

#ArtForSale "THE GUARDIAN ANGEL" has a special message for the one with ears to hear!

The Guardian Angel
Artist, KAd Collins.
Oil on canvas, circa 2008.
Painting:  20 in. x 24 in.
Painting with gallery frame:  26 1/4 in. x 32 1/8 in. 

The Guardian Angel is a supernal work of art in oil created by artist and magical surrealist, KAd Collins, and it has been elegantly framed for prominent display in any gallery or private home.

The triune depicted within this painting is dominated by The Guardian Angel in her celestial role of divine mother and protector, as evidenced by the luminous sky around her. Her sublime serenity is a reflection of the pearls of wisdom she wears around her neck and upon her crown.

Using a purple ribbon, the artist weaves an etheric bond throughout the image, thus entwining the angel and child during her evolving stages. Nestled within the embrace of the angel’s watchful wings are a joyful baby and a smiling adolescent, both in pearl dresses speaking to the innocence of youth. The newly born baby represents new beginnings or fresh start, a sense of joy and wonder at the prospect of growing, learning and maturing. The young girl’s charming countenance reveals how much she has benefitted from the guidance and protection of her mother guardian, and her trusting demeanor indicates that she has no need to see who has her back. She knows.

The holy trinity represented within this fine painting serves to remind us of the unseen realms of light, where angels reside and divine connection is real.

Oil on canvas, circa 2008. 
Painting:  20 in. x 24 in.
Painting with gallery frame:  26 1/4 in. x 32 1/8 in. 
Dominant color pallet includes celestial essences of pearl and a rich mixture of deep rose tones, with touches of purple, variations of pastel blues and yellows (ethereal light), and muted hints of soft green.

Anonymous sale to present owner (2009), Private estate/collection, USA

If this maternal messenger as fine art calls out to you, contact the artist, KAd Collins, for more information regarding acquisition on behalf of the estate trustee.
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