Monday, November 19, 2018

De-Programming 101

8 September 2018

I had absolutely NO idea what I was opening myself up to when I began journaling my big sky life in Montana during the early 1990’s. The most I’d hoped to gain from it was a moment of light at the end of a good cathartic release. 

What I did gain, however, far exceeded my limited perspective at the time for, unbeknownst to me, those releases were adding up. And they were adding up to something worth the work and the wait.

To remember emotionally triggered events for the purpose of writing them down is to re-live those heightened emotions and whatever baggage those experiences bring with them. It isn’t for the faint hearted, yet, I could not stop. My emotional body, once allowed to freely express itself for the first time ever in an uncensored format, wasn’t about to be shut down until it was done speaking its part.

So the journaling went on for about 15 years as one emotionally charged memory would trigger another memory which would trigger another memory, and so on. Suffice to say, I stuck with it as long as I needed to and then one day I was simply done ... with the journaling part anyhow.

The next act in my personal passion play - what I call the integration and healing process – has been ongoing, and has seen many failed performances with maybe an occasional standing ovation. Frankly, I don’t think the process of spiritual evolution ever ends, but it does seem to get a little smoother with depth in understanding, acceptance+surrender, and a deep commitment to becoming a sovereign being.

When it comes to my emotional triggers anymore, I stop and pay attention. Then I DELETE, because I equate these emotional triggers to short-circuiting computer programs – programs that have been continuously installed and updated over lifetimes courtesy of social engineering and other manipulative methods for the purpose of mind control. During World War II, Mengele and his Nazis called a version of this MK Ultra.

Elements of mind control programming are so deeply imbedded throughout our global social structures, the majority have no idea just how programmed and played they’ve been. Myself included.

I now consider my triggers to be my friend. They alert me in a most uncomfortable way when it’s time to delete a corrupted mind program that no longer serves my highest and best.  

Removing beLIEf mind programs from the subconscious are, in my experience, the pathway to true sovereignty since it is the function of these programs to interfere and override who and what we truly are. Humanity has been so programmed that far too many can be emotionally triggered to fight to the death to defend a programmed beLIEf without ever questioning why they beLIEve what they beLIEve. Again, BeLIEf = Program.

Archetypes are programs. ALL Religion is a program. Fear, greed, scarcity, lack, narcissism, guilt, anger, violence, martyrdom, workaholism, suffering, superiority, discrimination, competition, value, worth, power, prestige, status, judgement, free will, anything that divides and separates humanity = ALL PROGRAMS.

The only thing that can override the negative programming that is designed to override us is intention and a compassionate heart rooted in Universal LOVE. Yet, even the concept of love has been hijacked. The 3D matrix has been programming humanity with its shadowy version of what love is supposed to look like for millennia and twisted it into something dark and unnatural. Most of us don’t even know what real love feels like, let alone that it can only begin with compassionate love of self.

Much gratitude goes to MK Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien and her generosity in sharing how she began de-programming from a life rooted in trauma-based mind control. She began with journaling, years of heavy journaling. Sound familiar? Thank you for the trigger, Montana.

With the work and the wait, after years of journaling and even writing a book about it, I can clearly see that Living The Big Sky Life was the subconscious start of my conscious de-programming process. It can also be an opportunity, for those who dare, to witness the deconstruction of a programmed psyche, meltdowns and all. End of program.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Revisited: More Moves to Dominate the World (DS)

18 November 2018

More Moves to Dominate the World (DS)” was originally posted on October 4, 2010, a little over 8 years ago, when the world was in the thick of what was being promoted with repetitive mastery to be a great recession.

The inspiration behind this Dream Sequence included what we opted to more appropriately call a great depression stemming from, amongst others things, the mismanagement of the people’s resources by greedy politicians, and the Big Lie underlying it all.

When unsustainable economies fail, history has shown us time and again that nations tend to cost shift their deficits by people shifting. And in 2010, it looked as if some of this strategic heavy shifting had begun to infiltrate Italy’s renowned textile and design industries and its heretofore high standards were said to be compromised as a result.

The country fomenting Italian distress with its subversive shifting was China. This is where a notable Italian native named Pinocchio and his misbehaving globalist bad boys enter the scene.

So how close to reality were we?

The optimum stage for this Dream Sequence saw us roiling upon the high seas. When we think of the high seas, we think of The Holy See (Sea) and the fact that admiralty/maritime color of law is used to govern most nations and all international commerce. This is because all roads lead to Rome, even when the front line appears to be misdirected by the so-called Chinese Elders.

As the selected not elected world leadership still strives to voraciously pilfer and siphon off the resources of our planet and its people under the guise of serving the greater good, Their veiled actions and decimating agendas have proven to be quite the opposite.

China has made it a tactical point over decades to indebt and encumber every nation it does international commerce with, and pay back can be a bitch, especially when the big whale decides to swallow up the assets securing the promises and pledges that have been made without permission from the people - the very people who are in fact the true owners and original creditors.

It seemed only fitting to dream up a way to impound these self-serving leaders within the marauding belly of a whale the size of China in what can be best described as an underwater G20-like summit for inhuman puppets. And there They sit … completely devoured and disconnected from reality without even knowing it.

What we really want to know now is how the people of the world will cope upon learning the truth about who actually controls their national treasures? National treasures such as their physical bodies and legal identities, homes and transportation, their national parks, airports, major shipping ports, water rights, mineral rights, and the air above their very heads.

Which brings us to the deeper question going forward: Could it be that the inhuman puppets now languishing in the metaphoric whale’s belly have chosen to behave like inhuman puppets because they are not human at all?
© Copyright by Artist, KAd Collins. Man and Moth Before Midnight.
 “The object of the superior man is truth.” Confucius
We had a dream……and in that dream we found ourselves struggling alongside a working class crew trying to regain control of a schooner bounty that had initially been charted for Atlantic City, but was instead violently blown off course, rudder snapping in a lurch. We heard the tattered sails shutter with purpose as the hull heaved and bobbed directionless through ravenous waters that grew more dangerous with each billowing swell.

No one saw it coming. Or at least that’s what they all said. It was as if the atmosphere had turned on a dime, right about the time the East Wind began squalling with subversion. One minute we were coasting through prosperous trade routes on confident sails bloated with warm sea breezes, not a storm cloud in sight; and the next saw our ship taking on water so fast that sinking appeared inevitable.

As we scurried to bail out the water one bucket at a time, we never even noticed the growing wall of water that was mobilizing to put us in our place. And when that financial tsunami finally got our full attention was when it capsized our boat without remorse somewhere in the middle of the Devil's Triangle, where it dumped us unceremoniously into a very rough sea without so much as a safety net.

We managed to keep our heads above water just long enough to see a monstrous whale the size of China circle and descend with rapacious jaws intent upon swallowing us up.

Our dream then dropped us deep within the belly of the whale where we could hear the reverberating voices of those trapped around us long before we could actually see them.

From the surrounding conversation, we soon learned that the whale had a name, ¥uaning More, although the group regularly referred to it as simply ‘MORE’.

The more we listened, the more we understood how much MORE prided itself on being the hardest working predator in the sea. It thrived on the chaos that comes from war and ruin, and there was no time for rest because voracious accumulation is a 24/7 enterprise. MORE was cleverly adroit at tickling desperate ears with politeness and dangled promises, a master in the fine art of bait and switch, and not above making thy neighbor beg. Apparently MORE honored only one golden rule: “he who has the gold, makes the rules”, and consequently refused to play by anyone’s rules but its own.

When our eyes finally adjusted to the darkness that held us hostage, we became better acquainted with our fellow captives, including a few Pleasure Island castaways.

Wall Street GetOver 
This GetOver could do little more than boast about being the original woodcarver, when in fact he was the rainmaker who brought on the storm.

Pinocchio had always dreamed of having a life with no strings, and MORE had slyly seduced him into thinking he could have his cadmium and eat it too. Well, someone once said that Pinocchio was Italian for a reason, and this Pinocchio had absolutely no intention of ever being made in China, for he had a plan. A strategy designed to beat MORE at its own game. Pinocchio figured that the more he lied, the longer his nose would get, until eventually its length would allow him to pry open the jaws of MORE just enough to slip away relatively unscathed.

Caracas Cricket 
No matter how hard he tried to stop the incessant chirping, Caracas Cricket just couldn’t keep his knees from rubbing everyone the wrong way. He spent most of his chirping hours looking up through MORE’s blowhole into the night sky as he wished upon the stars for higher oil prices and for someone to rub just a little bit of that oil between his knees.

Someone has to pull the strings behind the biggest show on Earth and StromRuski believed himself to be the perfect puppet master.

Goodluck Jonah and his simpleton sidekick GideGaddafi 
Goodluck Jonah may have gotten his start as Honest John but he realized pretty early on that honesty wasn’t what put him on the winning side, it was self-made luck. And GideGaddafi was a blustering windbag who'd shown himself to be an agreeable feline comrade because he was agile enough to blow in the direction of any winning wind and still land on his feet.

Had it not been for that obnoxious braying which never seemed to stop, we probably wouldn’t have even noticed AhmadineDonkey sulking off on the side alone. Someone lurking behind MORE's ribcage tried to shut him up by throwing out a few USB worms which he gobbled up with gusto. The braying thankfully stopped when AhmadineDonkey began to hawk up stuxnet code, then proceeded to vocally reproduce "myrtus, myrtus, myrtus, ..." without control.

Mingling amongst the group ensnared by MORE’s bottomless pit were plenty of other nameless naughty boys in business suits who'd been sucked in from every nation throughout the world. “But I run a business,” they all declared defensively, “if somebody’s buying, I’m selling." Apparently that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

And then we woke up and realized that when we whittle away at our own foundation, the structure will invariably weaken and the resulting gaps will beg to be filled with MORE.

After all of this we can't help wondering, does the Blue Fairy really have the power to turn those trapped inside the belly of the whale into true human beings? 

Revisited: The Art of Reality (DS)

9 November 2018 

The Art of Reality (DS)” was originally posted on November 29, 2009, 9 years ago.

The inspiration behind this Dream Sequence was a 15th century triptych oil painting on oak by the studio of Dutch renaissance painter, Hieronymus Bosch. It is said the tri-paneled painting was intended to be an altarpiece, and as such, had been given no identifying title or official name at the time of creation. Over the course of the last five centuries, this masterpiece has been known by a number of names; today we call it, The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Being visionaries in our own way, we took great delight in Bosch’s visionary and relevant interpretation of the cycle of earthly life, displayed like a book of murals to be read on the wall from cover to cover.
Outer panels (detail), Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights
c. 1480-1505, oil on panel, 220 x 390 cm (Prado)
The story of life as depicted by Bosch begins with the outer panels -the book covers, if you will- which offer us a monochrome vision of what appears to be a holographic global flat earth and firmament dome, giving us the story’s setting.
Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, c. 1480-1505, 
oil on panel, 220 x 390 cm (Prado, Madrid)
Like reading a book from left to right, we begin with the left interior panel showing what looks to be Eden or Paradise (representing birth, creation, innocence). The large center panel illustrates in intimate and intricate detail what we might consider the passions and temptations of life within that Paradise (representing bliss, indulgence, revelry, communion). The story then concludes with the right panel and the notion of Paradise lost (representing last judgment, wretchedness, separation from the divine).

To us, this perceptive masterpiece reads like a modern day reality show. Courtesy of Operation Mockingbird, one look at the imagery of a current edition of any mainstream media news/entertainment outlet says it all.

So how close to reality were we?

Reality is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s a very individual thing. How to answer this question would depend upon one’s perspective because in the end, our interpretation of reality comes down to our personal perspective. And perspectives, like beLIEfs, can be indoctrinated. They can be programmed, controlled and manipulated by external influences. And they can also change when challenged.

Our entire world can transform forever when we embrace a new perspective. Whether the catalyst for change comes from listening to the whisper or from feeling the brick is somewhat irrelevant to the lasting impact it has on one’s personal perception of their reality. Everything may look the same on the outside, but nothing is the same on the inside. And that changes how we perSEEve everything. Most shifts in reality are a direct result of some form of Consciousness Quake.

What we really want to know now is could Bosch’s third panel portrayal of what many beLIEve to be a nasty afterlife instead be the behind-the-scenes underbelly of our present-day reality, with the center panel fa├žade acting merely as the illusionary projection screen?

Which brings us to the deeper question going forward: Was Bosch trying to show us that our world is a holographic simulation?
© Copyright by Artist, KAd Collins. Druid Goddess.
We had a dream......and in that dream we found ourselves strolling through the surreal terrain of Dutch renaissance painter H. Bosch in “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” and felt as though we were immersed in a modern reality feature film that only Tim Burton could direct.

Our voyage through this intoxicating dreamscape plunged us without thought of consequence deep into a world of art imitating life imitating art. To a place where we were incapable of separating fact from fantasy, for the reality is that there was no difference.

And like every true pageant of the masters where a two dimensional painting is brought to real life, we watched like voyeurs as the indulgent derangement of earthly pleasures before us morphed into a third panel reality war zone.

The reality wars being waged within our dream were inescapably dominated by the Balloon Boy posse and the D.C. No R.S.V.P. party crashers. We were rendered speechless as both competitors deliberately left in their wake a smoldering third scene battlefield fully decimated by outrageous exploits – all dramatically delivered with the flamboyance required of a successful reality show audition. A couple sets of felonious fingerprints were left behind in the scorched earth as well, with perhaps a couple more to follow.

Apparently in the real world, the end is meant to justify the means. This ostensibly translates for many to mean no rules, no boundaries, no limitations, no dignity and usually no talent. So when we see that big reality bull burst into a stampede through the china closet of innocent bystanders and carelessly shatter lives and livelihoods while screaming “me, me, me!”, we’ve bizarrely come to accept that even bad publicity is still publicity.

Well, psychology 101 has long asserted that negative attention is better than no attention at all. Yet to repetitively reward the bad behavior of attention grabbers with the media attention they're aggressively hungering for has not only helped create a ravenous monster always starving for attention, but has unquestionably sustained it.

As narcissism continues its incessant me-parade across our high definition screens, and Pavlovian conditioning reinforces the belief that anything and everything goes in the insatiable quest for notoriety, we can only wonder when going too far will just be going too far. 

And then we woke up and realized that Bosch’s vivid, yet surprisingly realistic, illustration of life’s temptations and the human condition has lost no relevance with the passing of time and civilizations. Can we reasonably expect the master’s real life garden of earthly delights to remain as relevant in the coming centuries as it is today?