Sunday, November 18, 2018

ITRVM Looks In The Rear View Mirror

1 September 2018

Ten years have passed since we made our first post to “In The Rear View Mirror.” We knew we were ahead of it then, we just didn’t know how far ahead of it we were. Nor did we know how deep the rabbit hole went when we stated our objective for writing this blog in the first place: is a creative collaboration between Writer, DK King, and Artist, KAd Collins, designed to deliver a satirical, humorous twist on everyday life and current events in an editorial styled blog.

An ironic parody of the obvious and absurd as seen through collective eyes, our stories are often visionary, and at times even futuristic, with messages scattered throughout in the form of double entendres, metaphors and a between-the-lines symbolism. So you might want to pay attention.

Our narratives are ultimately devised to inspire introspection regarding the many dualities we have interwoven within our present reality. And frankly, some of this stuff is just downright funny. Go ahead, laugh all you want as we drive you along the scenic route while occasionally looking back "In The Rear View Mirror." 

It has come to our attention that many of our Dream Sequences have found some notable basis in our current reality. As promised.

We thought it might be fun now to revisit some of these posts from the past and validate just how relevant they are today. So get ready to ride along with us once again as we give you our perceptions from the rear view mirror …

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